Ever wondered what the spongy, colourful surface at your local park is? Until I worked for SSP I had never even heard of Wet Pour Rubber but what a great vibrant and exciting safety surface for any play area, including Schools and Nurseries.

I recently visited Beacon School in Amersham where we have installed Wet Pour Rubber, Artificial Grass and a Clamber Stack. The School originally had bark in their playground area and underneath their playground equipment. Although bark is a natural product it ultimately breaks down under wear and tear and the natural elements and loose fill materials may displace during use. It has to be raked regularly to maintain the desired thickness to ensure safety as an impact absorbing surface.

SSP’s wet pour team replaced this with Wet Pour Rubber in various colours which is much more appropriate.

SSP replaced their existing ‘worn out’ black Wet Pour Rubber with a fresh colour of Wet Pour Rubber and Artificial Grass.  SSP also installed a Clamber stack with a Wet Pour Rubber surface and some lovely planters in a corner area. The whole playground is now a colourful, vibrant, safer and more usable play area.

The project took 2-3 weeks during the holidays and both the Staff and Children were amazed with their new Playground, as was I!

The pictures show what anyone can create even in a small playground area.

wet pour rubber pathway wet pour rubber red wet pour rubber flporing under a canopy wet pour rubber red surface making it soft and safe wet pour rubber under a canopy next to school building green soft rubber flooring under a timber natural climbing frame

Wet Pour Rubber is a soft spongy impact absorbing surface and there is an almost limitless choice with Wet Pour Graphics. For example there are many colours and designs to choose from, many of which are educational i.e. Number trails, shapes, a simple hopscotch or even a world map! We can pretty much make it to specification …depending on how creative you are feeling! What a great way to brighten up a boring playground and avoid those grazed knees!

Not to mention our MUGA’s (Multi Use Games Area) which is a line marked area perfect for playing any sport and great for encouraging children to exercise… P.E. has suddenly become so much more exciting!

It is also a perfect safety surface for use underneath Playground Equipment and has a critical fall height of up to 2.4m….So what are you waiting for?

‘My First Playground Project’ has been a great experience and I really look forward to the next one, perhaps with you on board next time?!